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The Fast-Paced Platformer Where Gravity Moves with You

This simple but challenging action platformer throws you into a series of hectic procedurally-generated levels full of dangerous enemies, explosive barrels and stalactites that fall towards your head for no apparent reason.

The game currently features:

  • Multiple power-ups including a machine-gun jetpack and a laser-guided sniper
  • Absurd explosions and physics
  •  Giant death lasers and demonic birds

So forget your knowledge of basic physics, load your 12-gauge footgun* and download Gravity Flux: The Rise of Falling now.

* At least I hope that's where those bullets are coming from.


Currently only available for Windows.

Will port to further platforms if there's a demand/money to do so.


This game was previously known as 'Gravimo'

Copyright  © Liam Roddy 2018


Gravity Flux.exe 61 MB

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